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How often should I clean my carpets?

While carpet manufacturers recommend having most types of carpet cleaned every 4-6 months, I've found that all households are different, thereby requiring different cleaning cycles. Time, more than anything else, can make the most common, easy to clean stains...

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Extraction Cleaning

While we do things a little bit different than most all other carpet/upholstery cleaners, we welcome questions, and especially all you skeptics. For decades carpet/upholstery cleaning has been done primarily with soaps/detergents and hot water extraction.  ...

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Extraction vs. Bonnet Cleaning

Truth be told, extraction cleaning is does work. In fact, it is absolutely  necessary when cleaning with soap and detergent to rinse, and extract the soap and excess water from the fibers(refer to home page, ie; residue). While extraction does work well with our...

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How does carbonation clean carpet/upholstery?

Carbonation; how does it work?Our patented NoSoapseriesTM carbonated cleaners work on two levels. The physical side of the process is a lifting and dissolving of stains by the reaction between water and carbon dioxide. If you have ever opened a can of soda that has...

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What is “Green” Anyway?

One of the issues facing people desiring to use green products and services is that there is no legal definition for "green". For me personally, I believe that being "green" goes hand in hand with being sustainable, and environmentally responsible.  As a kid, I always...

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