Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in the Greater Lincoln, NE Area

We provide safe, effective, affordable carpet and upholstery cleaning, which is children, pet, and environmentally friendly.

Maintain A Clean Carpet & Upholstery For Your Household

Stains can ruin your favorite carpets, couch, or chair. Time, more than anything else, can make the most common, easy-to-clean stains permanent.

If you have a light-colored carpet with an “active” household, we recommend a carpet upholstery cleaning every four months. In a home with minimal activity, we recommend a cleaning every 6-9 months.

We utilize our patented carbonated NoSoapseriesTM solution and bonnet method to clean client carpets & upholstery. This method uses minimal water, allowing carpets to dry in as little as an hour.

1-Hour Dry Time

Unlike the Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning) method, which can take 2-6 hours to dry, our Bonnet and Pad cleaning method dries in 1-2 hours, using minimal moisture, thereby reducing chances of stains appearing. 

No Dirt-Attracting Residue

Our patented NoSoapSeriesTM carbonated cleaning solution contains no soaps or detergents. Therefore, it does not require a rinse process. Our cleaning solutions require minimal moisture which allows for shorter dry times, and leaves zero dirt-attracting residue. This results in your carpets and upholstery staying clean, longer. 

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Maintenance has never been easier after cleaning as our method minimizes the risk of dirt-attracting residue left behind. Plus, our process uses less water which is more friendly to the environment.