One of the issues facing people desiring to use green products and services is that there is no legal definition for “green”. For me personally, I believe that being “green” goes hand in hand with being sustainable, and environmentally responsible.  As a kid, I always wanted to be outside, I still feel that way. It seems only right that future generations are entitled to the same beautiful and interesting world that I have grown up in, and learned to appreciate. While cleaning carpets/upholstery with eco-friendly products and methods will not change the world, it will certainly not do it any harm either. 

A green product or service is one that is both environmentally and socially responsible. That is to say that it is accountable to, and respectful of, the places and people that provide and use them.  Sustainability is an investment in the long term. To be sustained is to be nourished. Sustainability is about giving, not just taking.